Runway 7

Runway 7 is a collection of tools and APIs that help make high performance web development easier, more efficient and affordable.


image resizing & optimization proxy

Want to keep your high-resolution image / photo originals, but still have just the right size loaded in each viewer's browser or device? And have them all cached & served via one of the world's biggest CDNs?

signs helps you optimize your images for each user's screen size and display density on the fly, which lets you save on image bandwidth & speed up your site at the same time >


large scale data distributor + broadcaster

Have dynamic information that needs to reach a huge number of clients every time it changes?

satellite uses a CDN to cache your data worldwide and the lightweight Server Sent Events (SSEs) / EventSource standard to publish change notifications to unlimited subscribers; so you can quickly distribute your data globally for high volume access >


authorization-free approximate geolocator

Need a quick and rough location for your users without any permissions or dialogs?

blip gives you free city level geolocation with no friction >


scalable file zipping service

Need to give your customers zip files that have to be built on-demand?

cargo will zip the files you ask for, either from your server or directly from your users' browsers; so now you can provide dynamic zip downloads without having to prepare them beforehand >


notes on engineering

Want to learn how to use modern tech to build a better web?

hangar shows you how to use these & other tools in your own projects >

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Is there an API that you wish someone would build?

runway7 is an ongoing mission to make complex, high performance web technology accessible & affordable to you. Just talk to us about what you need >