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blip is a quick geolocation service that gives you the city level geolocation of the caller. Because this is a simple JSON API call, it requires no special permissions from the user.

why we built it

While the geolocation APIs in browsers and mobile OSs are useful, sometimes we just need a rough country / city level location for a user. In these cases it doesn't make sense to present the user with a permissions dialog - blip allows you to get the country code, region, city and approximate latitude and longitude with a simple JSON GET.

how it works

blip piggy-backs on the IP address based geolocation offered by the Google App Engine service. It simply reads the requester information that is made available to all GAE apps and returns it via JSON.

We've found the service isn't perfect, but it is accurate enough most of the time to be very useful.

Just hit, and you should see a response that looks like this:

    "city": "chennai",
    "country": "IN",
    "lat": "13.052414",
    "lon": "80.250825",
    "region": "tn"

cost effectiveness

blip is completely free to you. We run it as a public service and a way of giving back to the community.

If you run a very high traffic and / or don't want to rely on our instance of blip, feel free to deploy your own GAE instance of it that you can scale up at your own cost. The code is at